Engineering Manager Interview Course

Nail Engineering Manager interviews at FAANG and Tier-1 Tech Companies
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Course designed and taught by instructors from FAANG & Tier-1 Tech Companies

Manoj Krishnan

Software Engineer
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Adrián Fernández

Engineering Manager
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Qiuping Xu.

Principal Data Scientist
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Engineering Manager Course Curriculum

This is what you'll learn in our Engineering Manager career path!

  • 21 Mock Interviews
  • 10-Month Support Period

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Best Suited for

  • Current Engineering Managers in a TL/Manager role or former Engineering Managers (Including TL/Managers)
  • Current or former Sr. Engineering Managers
  • Current or former Directors of Engineering

Engineering Manager Interview Process at Tier-1 Companies

We prepare you for all stages of a typical Engineering Manager interview process at FAANG and Tier-1 companies

Initial Recruiter Phone Screening

  • Expect a few basic behavioral questions and those that cover the basic expectations from the role. 

Technical Phone Screen

This will generally be a technical round focusing on data structures and algorithms.

  • Expect open-ended questions that require you to ask clarifying questions
  • You should be able to explain your thought process algorithmically, implement workable code (fix any mistakes or bugs), optimize, test, and discuss your solutions.

Onsite Rounds

  • 1-2 Coding Rounds: Focusing on conceptual understanding(requires a strong understanding of at least one language, preferably C++, Java, Python, Go, or C) 
  • 2 System Design Rounds: Hold more weightage than the coding rounds. The questions will typically focus on existing products (for example, “How would you design Twitter’s feed?”)
  • 2 Behavioral/Leadership Rounds: Questions about your experience managing people, projects, as well as your ability to grow and develop strong teams. 
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Top companies love hiring our candidates!


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What our students say

Vineet Joglekar
Software Development Manager
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"IK helps you build a problem-solving mindset, offers very rich foundational material, introduces typical interview problems, offers technical and behavioral coaching sessions and mock interviews from industry experts to succeed in tech interviews".

Swapnil Tailor
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Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach which guides to achieve your dream job. It can help you identify your weak points and also suggest steps to improve them.

Rupesh Dabbir
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Interview Kickstart (IK) provides you a solid platform to not only strengthen your algorithm and interview game, I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the best/brightest minds in the industry (Faculty and students included). It was a humble experience, to say the least.

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