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About us

Founded in 2014, we are an Interview Prep school that has trained over 13,500 experienced engineers.

Essentially, we are a proven method of helping experienced engineers get really intimate with the basic core fundamentals of their profession.

The same core fundamentals that are used to evaluate their technical chops in tough interviews.

And we train them in much more than technical skills - we help them present themselves in the best possible light on their Resumes, LinkedIn profiles and most importantly in interviews.

The classes, workshops, quizzes, practice problems, and mock interviews provided me with the knowledge, tools, and the feedback that I was missing. Interview Kickstart showed me how to prepare for success.
Flavia Vela
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Our programs are rigorous, and we expect a certain level of commitment from everyone who enrolls in any of the programs. But we also have a fantastic support team to help you along your journey.

Our Founders

Soham Mehta

I joined Box as an Engineer in 2008, when we were 5 engineers.

Grew rapidly with the company and was most recently a Director in Engineering, managing multiple teams full of amazing people. Left after 6 years, to fulfill my entrepreneurial dreams. Box was my career-launching company. (And it is, for many other engineers). I have also worked at Microsoft and eBay.

But that’s not very interesting for this story. What is really interesting, is that along the way, I had the incredible opportunity to help our technical teams grow from 5 to 250 engineers. This meant living and breathing the interviewing machine exploring all its nooks and corners, and ups and downs.

Box was also a company that constantly questioned and improved its interviewing processes. That relentless focus helped us hire great engineers.

I noticed however, that despite all that attention, hiring took an unreasonably long amount of time and much agony. We’d go through hundreds of resumes, countless phone screens and countless onsite interviews for each open position.

That bothered me to no end. If most of our interviews were of reasonably average difficulty, our scoring method was well-structured, and our interviewers well-trained, why would only a few candidates clear our interviews?  Yet, in the end, our pass rate was so low.

I dug into this extensively. I realized that while everyone was hard-working and very smart in their own way, they vastly under-estimated the amount of preparation it would take to clear programming interviews at top companies. They only had a vague idea of what to expect, and did not have enough practice to solve interview problems under time-pressure. Their daily jobs or schools did not prepare them for handling interviews.

I found more evidence of this from the career-coaching I did on the side (pro-bono). Many candidates would even want to change their careers, thinking they were not good at programming, simply because they weren't able to crack interviews.

I knew there had to be a better way to help candidates prepare for interviews. Something more focused than online sites loaded with a thousand random questions and equally random answers. Something more modern and interactive than books. Something more comprehensive, rigorous and deliberate, with immediate feedback, that helps you push yourselves hard. After all, getting into a good company improves entire trajectory of your life.

Interview Kickstart is my attempt to address that gap. I’m focusing on it full-time. Looking forward to helping you nail your next interview.

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Ryan Valles

Over my career I have worked with, managed and founded large and small, late stage, as well as early stage companies across the US, UK, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Most recently I was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners (a top VC firm in the Valley).

The theme that I am obsessed with both as part of my professional and personal life has been Human Performance and all that we can achieve. Not believing that there are limits, pushing yourself and challenging yourself to reach ever higher personal and professional goals is the ONLY way to truly be the best that we can be and to make a dent in the world.

My Favorite quote and the rule that I live by is one by Mohammed Ali:

“Impossible is Nothing. It’s just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in a world that they have been given, than to explore the power that they have to change it. Impossible is not a Fact. It’s a an Opinion. Impossible is not a Declaration it’s a Dare. Impossible is Potential, impossible is Temporary. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!”

Interview Kickstart is my platform to amplify my passion and help enhance Human Performance at scale. A way for me to help you challenge yourself. A way for me to help you aim higher. A way for me to help you Uplevel your career. A way for me to help you believe that “Impossible is Nothing”.

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The Team

Ashwin Ramachandran

Head of Engineering

Omkar Deshpande

Head of Technical Curriculum

Nick Camilleri

Head of Career Curriculum

Santosh Rout

Head of Sales

Ayan Ghosh

Head of Marketing

Ananda Rao Ladi

Head - Business Research

Rinku Agarwal

Head of Finance

Sreejit Narayan

Head of Operations

Anuraj Jain

AVP - Inbound Marketing

Jerin Kesavan

Head of Talent Acquisition