How our IT team clocks a 97%+ Employee CSAT score

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November 15, 2022
Team Interview Kickstart
How our IT team clocks a 97%+ Employee CSAT score

In March 2020, when COVID-19 forced our team of 20 to remain at home, we were pushed to adopt traditional support channels with little preparation. We had plans to massively scale up in the following 6 months (in terms of employees and customers). Having a fail-proof IT service desk was essential to the success of building a remote-first organization. 

We implemented remote access technologies and cloud applications to enable productivity for our dispersed workforces and placed a heavier focus on remote access to centralized IT resources and support.

Today, after almost two years, our reliance on IT is only growing. We now have adequate technology, resources, IT support, and IT processes in place to serve our remote team (and customers). But we have a lot more to build as we scale. 

Just like customers expect great service from the products they use, employees also expect the same from their employer. And IK’s IT team is dedicated to fulfilling this expectation. 

A self-serve service desk for IT, Sales, Tech, and DevOps support


To meet the demands of our remote employees, we have implemented a service portal, which acts as a single gateway for any kind of support. It also streamlines the incoming work for support teams. Users can seamlessly raise requests, which are fulfilled asynchronously and tracked with complete visibility.

Our Service Deck allows employees to raise tickets for: 

  1. IT Support: Log-in and access requests, hardware and software requests, and assistance on general technical issues and other queries.
  2. Sales & Ops Support: We have extremely quick response and resolution times to solve any calling software or hardware concerns of our sales and ops teams (constitute 50% of our organization). 
  3. UpLevel Support: In addition to being the platform for learners (our customers), UpLevel is used by our operations and sales teams to communicate with learners and solve their queries. The UpLevel Service Desk serves each of these user segments.
  4. DevOps Support: For our employees to make DevOps feature requests or access requests to AWS accounts, Tech Zapier, Gitlab, etc.


Strict response and resolution times for tickets raised by employees

Our IT support teams follow robust service delivery best practices for every type of ticket raised to run an efficient ticket resolution system and provide consistent support services all year round. Service agents constantly respond, prioritize, and follow up on every employee support ticket raised. 

Resolution time for IT support:

Problem Severity
Target Response Time (hours)
Target Resolution Time (hours)
72 hours or as confirmed by the team

Resolution time for UpLevel support:

Problem Severity
Target Response Time (hours)
Target Resolution Time (hours)

A peek into our response and resolution metrics 

Implementing a service portal has enabled us to curb emails and redundant questions. Self-service, request forms, and full visibility into open tickets allow our IT team to focus on what’s most important – the resolution of customer and employee IT issues.

Here’s a graph of our response and resolution times in 2022 

  1. For app support, geared towards our customers:

  1. For IT support, to enable our remote team 

We clocked a Customer Satisfaction score of 97.50% in Q3-22

In the age of social media, with reviews and user-generated content, consumer power is at an all-time high. It's no different for businesses like us, where in order to improve Customer Experience (CX) and inspire brand loyalty, we have to leverage customer feedback. 

We gather CX metrics like CSAT or Customer Satisfaction score – a rating of how a customer (or employee) feels about our company during onboarding or after an exchange with support. CSAT scores provide us with quantitative and qualitative data at major interaction points with our customers and employees. We believe that the information we glean from CSAT will help us boost the overall customer and employee experience.

64% of consumers stop doing business with a company due to poor customer experience (CX). For support functions like IT, customers include employees. Therefore, Luv Sharma (Associate  Director, IT, Interview Kickstart) believes that the organization should target nothing less than a 99% CSAT. Setting such high standards helped us log a CSAT of 97.50% in Q3-22.

“As an enabling function, our vision is to leverage technology to ensure a highly productive environment for our users. We constantly upgrade ourselves to wow our users and deliver awesome experiences. We are highly customer obsessed.“ – Luv Sharma, Associate Director, IT, Interview Kickstart

And we'll keep at it!

Unlike other big, mid-sized, and small corporations, Interview Kickstart is a really lean team and that’s true for the IT team as well. 

However, technology is continuously changing the way our business operates, and IT support plays a huge role in empowering our employees to deliver their best work and in shaping their experience at IK. 

The IT team at IK not just provides hardware/software infrastructure, but also ensures business continuity, data security, and up time via governance through robust processes and best-in-class technology. As you see above, we’ve constantly maintained a 99%+ resolution metric because we want to make sure that our lean team gets the best support that it needs to deliver its best work. 

We believe that employee experience is the total of every interaction an employee has with our organization. It includes the emotions, relationships, knowledge, skills, and perceptions gained as a result of their association with us. 

We recognize our employees as our greatest assets, and investing in their experience is paramount.